160+ years of family heritage

Decades ago, our family embarked on a journey that led to Hab-To Leather House.

In the 19th century, leather hides were often discarded as byproducts due to cultural norms and sanitation concerns.

Our ancestors recognised the impact of not throwing away those natural raw materials, and started collecting, salting, and preserving them – creating a network across Eastern Europe, including Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Hungary, Czechia, and Romania.

Industrial Revolution

Increased animal migration to regions like South America, North America, and Australia boosted the meat industry, spurring the need for leather.

Early 20th century

Luxury brands, handbag production, and artisanal craftsmanship thrived. Amid pandemics, craftsmen refined skills, fuelling material evolution.

Our continuity

Across our history, we've evolved from humble hide collectors to craftsmen. Our journey spans leather production, shoemaking, and bag crafting.

Continuing the legacy

Today, at Hab-To Leather House, we honour this heritage, offering quality vegetable tanned leather, craft supplies, and accessories inspired by our legacy.

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