We proudly present Olivenleder, a game-changing testament to quality, sustainability, and innovation in the industry.

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What's Olivenleder?

It's an exceptional and environmentally responsible leather tanned by an extract derived from the leaves of the Olive Tree.

wet-green® – the 100% biobased tanning agent

Unlike what you might expect, it has no connection to olive oil or the fruit itself. This unique tanning agent is a byproduct of the olive harvest.

The process

As olives are harvested from the trees, the leaves that also fall are carefully brewed into a tea, resulting in a natural liquid extract.
This natural extract is used in the pre-tanning process of leather production, offering a pure alternative.

What makes Olivenleder unique?

Unlike some vegetable-tanned leather, Olivenleder avoids any trace of metals, offering a truly pure product.

Premium quality and unmatched luxury

Why use Olivenleder in craft?

This premium leather embodies purity, luxury, and authenticity, making it the perfect choice for those seeking top-tier quality and craftsmanship.

Should I offer Olivenleder products?

Offering Olivenleder products is an excellent choice, especially if you're looking to cater to a high-end clientele. With versatile colour options and a completely natural grain, Olivenleder® sets a new standard for premium leather products.

Is Olivenleder a good choice for me?

Whether you're a seasoned leather artisan or just starting your journey, Olivenleder opens up a world of possibilities.

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