Maryam Leather

Introducing Maryam Leather – the creme de la creme of Italian craftsmanship and innovation in leather tanning.

What's Maryam leather?

Maryam Leather is a beacon of excellence in the Italian leather industry. Rooted in Tuscan tradition, their tanning is metal-free, ensuring both the quality and the commitment to sustainability.

Their mission

To minimise ecological footprint by exploring innovative products that align with the natural cycle, promoting environmental and consumer wellbeing for generations to come.

The tannery

Founded in the tanning hub of Santa Croce sull'Arno, the tannery has evolved alongside tanning techniques, focusing on sustainable vegetable tanning.
Committed to minimising environmental impact, they innovate with eco-conscious practices, ensuring quality leather that honours nature and future generations.

Tuscan tradition

Vegetable tanning, originating in prehistoric times, flourished in Tuscany.

Over centuries, Tuscan master tanners have refined this ancient craft, blending traditional recipes with modern innovations.

Here's where Maryam Leather originates.

Types of leather on offer

Shell Cordovan

Shell cordovan, a premium equine leather, is meticulously crafted from the fibrous flat muscle beneath the horse's rump.

The process

Expert master tanners carefully work on the cartilage while preserving its inner flower, showcasing exceptional skill and precision.

Originally used for sharpening barbers' razors... has since found its way into various applications such as shoes, wallets, bags, and watch straps due to its unmatched aesthetic appeal and durability.