Do we hold sustainability certifications?

Although we don't focus on certifications ourselves, we do require them from suppliers.

We believe that true sustainability goes beyond a piece of paper. It's about having a deep understanding of the entire supply chain.

Action over words

When we curate leather, we personally visit and assess our partner factories to ensure they meet our stringent standards.

25+ years of experience

Over many years, Mike became familiar with the leather production process, enabling him to walk into a factory and immediately recognise if something is amiss.

We even inspect the water discharge process to guarantee environmental responsibility.

Our suppliers' certifications

We demand that all our supply sources hold certifications, ensuring that every step of the process aligns with our ethical and ecological standards.

What are the repercussions of leather not being reused?

Unfortunately, leather hides are often discarded due to the growing preference for synthetic and vegan products, overlooking the inherent value of leather as a sustainable and durable material – even though it is sourced as a byproduct from the meat industry.

Our mission

To raise awareness about the value of leather as a byproduct of the meat industry, promoting a greener future.

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