We're a family of leather specialists

Growing up, I was exposed to the international leather community through industry professionals who frequented our home, thanks to my family’s strong connections in South America, Europe, and North America.

My parents' influence

My father's global leather trade connections and my artist mother's influence kindled my journey into leathercraft.

Their creative legacy is my inspiration.

My first job

At a young age, I got my hands dirty, lifting heavy raw materials during summers, learning the ropes of leather production and gaining a deep appreciation for craftsmanship.

Worldwide leather explorations

My journey took me around the world, working and consulting for brands like Ecco and various leather related projects and companies globally – from Australia to the US, South America to Hong Kong. Broadening my knowledge, and enhancing my expertise in the industry.

Collaboration with crafters

In South America, I ventured into entrepreneurship, connecting local artisans with high-quality leather materials, tools, and hardware, fuelling their craft. I also hosted workshops.

Leather industry embodies change

Every life chapter has clear beginnings and endings. Whether studying in the US, working in South America, or starting new ventures, I've embraced life's natural evolution, much like the life cycle of leather.

Full circle moment

During a period of adversity, an opportunity arised to engage with local leather crafters, reigniting the passion for artisanal leather products and natural materials.

Did you know...

My mother was part of the team that helped reshape the iconic Longchamp bags back in the 1980s. Talk about a stylish family legacy!

Back to the Netherlands

In 2020, I returned to the Netherlands, ready to continue our family's leather legacy. It was then that Leather House was born.

Joining forces with Hab-To

In 2021, we joined forces with Hab-To, a business that was focused on quality hardware and tools founded by Judy Hage, the original founder of Hab-To.

Today, Hab-To Leather House focuses on quality vegetable tanned leather hides, craft tools, and supplies.

Circularity: my priority

In the leather industry, nothing goes to waste – every resource is maximised to its full potential. My commitment is to ensure that no product is squandered, embodying the true essence of a circular and eco-conscious business model.

My values


Honesty is fundamental to my principles. I value transparent interactions with all stakeholders.


I cherish friendly, loyal relationships, creating a welcoming atmosphere for lasting, trust-based partnerships.


Creativity is in my DNA, inspired by my mother's artistic skill. I'm here to help fellow crafters create products they're proud of.


A non-negotiable. I'm dedicated to delivering top-notch leather and accessories. All quality checked personally.

Need expert advice?

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